MIT Splash 2023

I completely forgot to say anything about it here, but I went to Boston for MIT Splash this year. Boston was a really nice city (very walkable!), and I loved MIT’s campus. Along with the fact that their aerospace program is one of the best, that cements MIT as my top pick for my undergrad studies.

These were the classes I took:

  • Saturday
    • The Mathematical Foundations of Language: Linguistics and math, two fields I really like. We applied set theory to language.
    • How to Think About Four Dimensions: Pretty self-explanatory, also learnt about some topology
    • Algorithms That Keep the World Running: I finally learnt how fast_invsqrt works!
    • Groups with Grapes (they did not have grapes, sadly…)
    • From Sexist Recruiting Tools to Biased Sentencing Algorithms – Why we Need Ethics in AI: Really interesting class. I was introduced to Survival of the Best Fit.
  • Sunday
    • Intro to Rocketry!
    • What’s in a word? An Introduction to Morphology: We didn’t talk about them, but this is a good moment to remind you how cool polysynthetic languages are.
    • How to Run an Airline: Honestly, probably my favorite class overall. The only issue is that it was all the way across the main campus from all of my other classes.
    • Let’s Talk about Weather!

There were some more classes on Sunday that I wanted to go to, but I couldn’t due to my flight.

  • Personal Finance But Cool
  • Classlighting: 5-Minute Lectures on Anything
  • What’s in a Nuclear Reactor?

All in all, very good experience.

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