Hello! I’m a tenth grader at Stanford OHS, and I love computer science, math, and aerospace engineering. I find these fields fascinating.

I’m familiar with Java, and for my AP CS final project, I recreated my Stages app, originally written in Svelte, in Java and JavaFX. You can find it at https://github.com/shreyasm-dev/StagesJava.

I can also code well in Python. I don’t have any major projects, but I have done things in it before. It’s useful for data manipulation and quick prototypes.

I do JavaScript (NodeJS included) and TypeScript (I’m very biased towards TS). Additionally, I have experience in Vue (my site used to run on it), some in React (specifically Next.js), and a bit in Svelte (I’ve messed around in it). I also do server-side development with Node.js, but I’m trying to learn Deno too. It might be partly shiny object syndrome, but it looks really cool (built-in TS support!).

I absolutely love Rust. I will say that there is a reason that it has ranked first on the Stack Overflow dev survey for most loved language for seven consecutive years (the 2023 survey isn’t out yet as of the time of writing, so we will see). As for any major projects in it, I’ve written a toy kernel in it, based on part of Philipp Oppermann’s blog, with my own embellishments (https://github.com/shreyasm-dev/k).

I also love to build macOS apps in Swift and SwiftUI. I do iOS development too, of course, but in my opinion, macOS as a platform is a lot more interesting and diverse for me to create applications for.

Flutter is just amazing for its cross-platform compatibility, supporting the web, three desktop platforms, and two mobile ones, all with (mostly) one codebase. I have not used Dart for much other than Flutter development, but I hope that changes as I experiment with it more and more for other things.

I’m also working on my C and C++, and I have a few projects I’m currently building in both languages.

As for human languages, I’m currently bilingual. I natively speak English and Telugu (తెలుగు), but I’m also learning German (Am 14. Februar 2023 lernte ich los Deutsch). I also hope to learn Finnish—as of now, the one thing I know in Finnish, from my friend (who is learning it), is ‘Suomeni ei ole hyvä’ Nyt opin Suomea! Etiam, Linguam Latīnam disco (at OHS).